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  • How many people per cabin?
    Tiny-Chalets Our mini-chalets 1, 2 and 3 are 400sqft/40m2. They were designed by a couple to recharge their batteries as a couple ❤️❤️❤️. Unfortunately, it is not possible to accommodate more than two adults in our mini-cabins. We understand that it is not always possible to provide childcare. We accept a maximum of two babies or children under 5 years old. However, we do not provide any additional sheets or pillows. The dishes provided in the chalets are calculated for 2 people. Children can sleep in the hanging net! Le Lodge We have a family chalet on the same estate: 3 bedrooms, a large kitchen open to the living room, a small home cinema room, two bathrooms, a spa and a sleeping capacity of 8 people will allow your whole family to come together. Parties are not tolerated on the Petits Chalets estate.
  • Pets welcome?
    Do we accept animals? Our animal friends are welcome at Les Petits Chalets. We have two dogs, Jack 13 years old and Charly 7 months old. You may come across us on the estate with our four-legged companions. Accepting animals at Petits Chalets was essential for us, they are part of our family. Maximum animals per chalets? We do not have a maximum number of animals that can accompany you to Les Petits Chalets. There is no additional charge for cleaning the units when you come to us with your furry friend, we are Dog Friendly. We do not provide blankets or bowls so remember to bring your own! Rules for masters! Keep your dogs on a leash We know your pets eat well Please pick up their gifts! Animals are prohibited in beds and on furniture Animals are welcome in the co-working
  • Check-in & Check-out?
    🕛 Arrival from 4:00 p.m. 🕛 Departure no later than 11:00 You can arrive anytime after 4:00 p.m. with our smart locks. A code will be sent to you by email 24 hours before your arrival and there is no check-in required on site. It is not possible for us to offer early arrivals or late departures. Our housekeeping team does the chalets in random order and sometimes encounters surprises. You can arrive earlier or leave later by taking advantage of the teleworking room. The teleworking room is located in Chalet #4. There you will find coffee, a table with comfortable chairs for working, sofas, large windows to enjoy nature. Please note that there is no toilet or running water in Chalet #4 at the moment. By popular demand, in summer 2024 we will add a terrace with work spaces in nature, a relaxation area as well as an outdoor kitchen, toilets and drinking water.
  • Difference between the cabins
  • How about the nets?
    Each of our cabins has a hanging net! Suspended nets are present in our mezzanines. They are made for sitting in, watching a movie and they are designed to prevent you from falling from the 2nd floor. They are very safe and you can easily sit there without risk in front of a good film with pillows and popcorn for an extraordinary cinema evening!
  • Are the Spas open all year?
    Are the spas open all year round? Our spas are open 365 days a year except during closing and maintenance periods. Our maintenance team takes care of adjusting the products in the spa before and after your departure. No matter the weather, you can enjoy your private spa surrounded by nature!
  • 3D Tour
    Want to virtually visit our chalets before your visit? Click on the chalet that interests you to take a stroll through our units... 🛑 It is not possible to stand up in the bedroom of chalet #2 🛑
  • Quels sont les tarifs & comment faire une réservation?
    Nos tarifs varient en fonction du chalet sélectionné, ainsi que la date de votre séjour, le meilleur tarif sera toujours offert sur notre site internet. Vous pouvez cliquez sur les liens réserver de notre site web afin de connaitre nos prix. Les réservations se font directement en ligne sur notre site internet. Sélectionnez votre date d'arrivée et notre calendrier vous donnera le prix pour votre séjour. Il n'est jamais possible d'arriver le samedi. Cela fait parti de nos valeurs: Nous tenons à donner une journée de repos toutes les fins de semaine en famille nos équipes d'entretien ménager. Si vous avez encore besoin d'aide pour réserver écrivez nous sur Notre équipe de réceptionnistes Nomades vous téléphonera pour vous aider avec votre réservation ❤️
  • Est-il possible de réserver une nuit le vendredi ou le samedi?
    Il n'est malheureusement pas possible de réserver une seule nuit le vendredi ou le samedi. Cela nous permet de donner une journée de repos tous les samedi à notre équipe d'entretien ménager pour qu'eux aussi puissent passer une journée en famille la fin de semaine ❤️❤️❤️
  • General equipments
  • Kitchen amenities
  • Bathroom amenities
  • Wifi & TV
    Wifi Each of our chalets is connected with its own secure wifi network. Before your arrival you will receive a code by email giving you wifi instructions. TV Conventional cable television is not offered at Petits Chalets. You will have access to Netflix as well as Disney Plus on the television(s) in your unit.
  • Yoga & Massages
    Yoga You have access at all times on the domain to our yoga and massage room in chalet #5 without time restrictions. You can either practice yoga and meditation alone in our chalet, or call on one of our guides, Carole or Édouard. We provide all the equipment to practice yoga, mats, blocks and blankets. To make a reservation with one of our guides, contact them directly by phone to book. Massages Would you like to have a solo or duo massage during your stay at Les Petits Chalets? To do this you must make an appointment directly with our massage therapist who also issues receipts for insurance.
  • The Co-Working
    The teleworking chalet is open exclusively for our customers. In response to the changing world of work, we decided to open a co-working room in Chalet #4. The access code for this chalet is the same one that allows you to open your unit. So you can arrive earlier or leave later if you wish! ⏰ Open 365 days and 24 hours a day ☕️ Coffee, tea & hot chocolate 🌐 Secure high-speed WiFi 6 office chairs 📺 TV for working on the big screen 🎵 Two Google home speakers 🖥️ A common table 🛋️ 2 armchairs 🍁 Nature view 🛑 No toilets in the coworking 🐕 Dogs on leash in coworking You can arrive earlier and take advantage of our teleworking room while we prepare your chalet. Please note that your chalet will only be accessible from 4:00 p.m. and that there are no sanitary facilities or running water in Chalet #4. We also ask that you leave your luggage in your vehicle when you arrive early and take advantage of the co-working room.
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